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Work Samples




"Emerging Communities"


"Undercover on a Budget"








"Memorial Drummer Lee Rigby"


"SAG Awards" 


"Brokaw News Center Dedication"





"Why We Love Pink and Red Candies"

"9 Ways to Have Fun When You're Broke"


"10 Ways To Ensure Your Kids Retain Your Language and Culture"



"Not Just the Tip Of the Iceberg: Getting to Know the Man Behind Silicon Valley's Hottest Startup"



"Neema's Homemade Chicken Curry Recipe"



"Meet The Keswanis: Not Your Average Desi Family"



"Weeknight Wonders: Two Quick and Simple Recipes For Any Meal"



"Five Best Throwback Thursday Bollywood Movies"



"Desi Kitchen: The Easiest Rajma Recipe You'll Ever Make"



"Celebrating Diwali in America"



"Five Must Try Diwali Dishes"



"Step Up Your Leftovers WIth Shirish's Turkey Kheema Recipe"



"Three People of Color Who Have Turned Racism On Its Head This Month"



"Desi Kitchen: Lord Ganesh's Favorite Panchamrut Recipe"



"Five Desi Food Products You Should Have In Your Medicine Cabinet"



"Top Ten Most Common Mispronounced Desi Words"



"A Journalist's Reaction To The Shooting of Alison Parker And Adam Ward"



"Hollywood Based Company Produces Marathi Film For The First Time"



"Chanting 'Osho' and Letting Go"


"How India's Elections Affect Hindu Muslim Tensions"


"Mexico City "Eco-Bici" Inspires Alternate Transportation"


“Hollywood May Not Be Hollywood for Long”


"The Controversial, Emerging Notion of Prison Nurseries"


"Out and About: Being Gay in India"


“Turbans Don't Mean Terrorists”


“L.A. Resident Emphasizes City Attorney Race”


“From Proms To Bullpen Arms, Inner-City Arts Finds Wide Support”


“Failing Marks In Math and Science; Can A Four-Letter Word Change The Face of Education in the United States?”


“USC U.V. $1 Billion Makeover Leaves Shop Owners' Future Uncertain”


"The Inside Guide to UMiami"



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