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Chhaya Néné  graduated as Valedictorian from her program at  the University of Southern California earning her Master of Arts in Journalism. Néné previously attended the University of Miami where she graduated Magna Cum Laude and earned a degree in Communications and International Studies.


Néné has a passion for human interest stories and is pursing a career as a reporter who shines a spotlight on those who rarely receive it. 


During her time at USC, she first interned at the London Bureau for CBS News and then for the Investigative Unit at KNBC in Los Angeles.


Internationally, Néné worked closely with Charlie D'Agata, Liz Palmer, and Mark Phillips. Néné researched facts, located sources, logged tape, translated interviews, interviewed sources for stories, and monitored social media closely for updates on the health of the late Nelson Mandela.  Some of her most memorable stories abroad included working on the beheading of Drummer Lee Rigby, visiting Anne Boleyn's apartments, the Ranaa Plaza collapse, locating the where-abouts of Edward Snowden, and monitoring Kate Middleton's pregnancy. 


Domestically, Néné has worked closely with Investigative reporter Joel Grover on a wide range of stories from Bus Crashes, UBER safety, Victims of Potholes, and Purse Snatching. During her time at the Investigative Unit of  KNBC, she went undercover on several stories to uncover wrongdoings, published online stories, researched for GA reporters, found sensitive information, and interview sources for stories. 




During her time at USC, Néné never turned down a challenge. Apart from working for the school's television station 'ATVN' and digital news site 'Neon Tommy', Chhaya managed to find a way in to cover the Video Music Awards, the SAG Awards, the Oscars, and private events like Kareem Adbul Jabbar's Skyhook Foundation roast. Some of her most notable interviews include Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Magic Johnson, John Stamos, Jim Brown, Kathy Ireland, Bryce Dallas Howard, Dick Van Dyke, Sally Field, Kunal Nayyar, Bill Daily, Drew Carey, and Ben Affleck. 


Néné also traveled abroad twice during graduate school; once to intern at the London Bureau of CBS News and a second time to report in Pune and Mumbai, India. While in London, Chhaya's constant preparedness allowed her to photograph the memorial for Drummer Lee Rigby who was beheaded. That slideshow was later published in an international story.


While in India, due to her ability to speak Marathi, Néné navigated the entire trip for her classmates and instructor and helped to coordinate interviews. Néné was also able to conduct interviews in Marathi and transcribe nearly 30 interviews. Her work on Hindu-Muslim tensions, Osho, and election issues such as the youth vote, gay rights, and women's suffrage were published in The Washington Post, Religion News Service, The Indian Express, and the Global Post. 


Before Néné came to Los Angeles, she attended the University of Miami. Her love of food and social media allowed Néné to cover the South Beach Wine and Food Festival where she was able to interview Antonio Banderas, Chef Michael Symon, Rachel Ray, Aaron Sanchez, Guy Fieri and many more! During her time at Miami, Néné love for travel found her on an eight month study abroad in Brighton, England where she reported for the University of Sussex's television station 'UniTV'.  Néné was able to travel to Greece, Italy, the Vatican, Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium, Amsterdam, Germany, and the Czech Republic during her time where she used her fluency in French to navigate the trip! 


When Néné isn't Instagramming, Tweeting, or making Storifys, she loves to bake, paint, and make things for others.  Néné also loves the movies and pets of all kinds. 


Chhaya was born in Virginia, lived in Miami, England, and California and is currently based in Los Angeles. Nene has worked in India and looks forward to seeing where her career takes her next!


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Néné was able to cover a wide range of events while being a student and an intern. Nene's enthusiam, passion, and ability to talk to anyone has afforded her the chance to meet and interview celebrities at large scale events. This slideshow contains some of the people she has interviewed.

             EXTRA! EXTRA!


Néné's story coverage ranges from her anchor experience to reporting with both Foreign News to Investigative News. Come travel with her domestically and internationally to see what she's done. 

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